Most of us have had, even if for a brief period, a dinosaur phase where we loved pretty much everything about dinosaurs and we even memorized the ones with the most tongue-twisting names.

Dinosaurs 3D Screensaver is an app that will bring a true Jurassic experience to your desktop.

The theme of this app isn't something new, but few other similar ones manage to bring together so many species of dinosaurs all in one place. The environment is massive and well made, even if the textures are a bit dated, and the water looks real enough as it boasts great reflection effects.

This contrast of well designed and textured elements next to one of a lower quality does nothing more than to accentuate the difference. One good example is the dinosaurs, as they have well made 3D models and good textures, but their animations look so linear and unnatural it makes it look like they are toys that are being moved by hand.

Dinosaurs 3D Screensaver does not boast the best quality graphics and animations, but the sheer number of elements would justify a drop in FPS or the occasional performance spike. Surprisingly though, none of this occurred during testing.

If however, you do encounter any problems, either because of the lack of OS optimization or because your hardware is a bit low, you can always access the screensaver manager to adjust or disable some of the features. This will ensure that anyone can enjoy this app, regardless of their systems requirements

The graphics that Dinosaurs 3D Screensaver may not exactly be prehistoric, but they are indeed a bit lacking by today's standards, particularly the animations. However, if you overlook this aspect and just want to admire some dinos, then this app is the right thing for you.