DiskInternals DVR Recovery promises to recover lost or accidentally deleted data from CCTV DVR hard disks and SD drives, allowing you to retrieve precious video footage. Moreover, its specialized scan and recovery engine is also capable of getting the metadata information of your recordings.

Working with DiskInternals DVR Recovery requires no special skills and experience. Everything is intuitive, from the simple interface layout to the step-by-step recovery process that allows you to save restored files.

The main window neatly displays all the available hard disk and physical drives, allowing you to browse their contents and select the files you want to retrieve. As you might expect from any data recovery software, the application comes with a built-in export wizard that provides a guide to get your data back, as detailed below.

The first step of the wizard enables you to choose the destination where the recovered files should be saved. There are three available options: you can save the files locally on your computer, mount a file directly to access its contents or upload the data to an FTP server. The course of action depends on the choice you make.

The most common choice is to save files locally, case in which the wizard prompts you to select the target folder. You can configure DiskInternals DVR Recovery to also save the directory structure of the recovered data, which is quite convenient. Additionally, the file date can be extracted from the metadata.

There is nothing special about DiskInternals DVR Recovery other than being dedicated to DVR data, allowing you to recover deleted CCTV video recordings without quality loss. It supports various DVR recorders and allows in-app preview.

Essentially, it follows the same structure and path as other DiskInternals products, with the same GUI and a wizard to help you out, mixing ease of use with what promises to be a reliable recovery engine.