Voice-based computer control technology is not something new and besides being very cool to have, for some users this may be the only way to work on the computer.

e-Speaking Voice and Speech Recognition has been designed with this purpose in mind and it promises to deliver increased productivity on the computer.

The application does not take long to install. It relies on Microsoft’s speech engine to take command over the system without the user having to touch the computer or the mouse too much.

Basically, it can be used to dictate documents and perform various other computer tasks such as checking emails. The default configuration include more than one hundred preset commands, which should be enough to demonstrate the abilities of the program.

This list includes the possibility to create new documents, emails and passwords as well as edit a document or switch between the application windows available on the desktop.

The utility is compatible with any program that installs on Windows operating system and allows minimizing or maximizing them at will. Scrolling lists or the content of a window is also possible.

Adding a new program to be managed vocally is as easy as entering the phrase that should be used for launching it. Operations like restarting the computer or shutting it down are a bit trickier to add because they rely on the same executable file that is initiated with different parameters.

e-Speaking Voice and Speech Recognition does not require too much effort to handle and it should be a breeze to work with for beginners and more experienced users alike. On the downside, it may not work with the latest operating systems from Microsoft.