FacebookLog is a small software application whose purpose is to help you record all your Facebook activities. It is able to sniff the Facebook page contents you visit, offers support for the latest Facebook pages, wall and messages, and works as a social network history manager or data recorder.

The utility needs WinCap to run but you don’t need to download it and deploy it separately as it’s included in the installation package.

You are welcomed by a simple panel that reveals the key features of the program in a well-structured order. The looks of the utility can be changed by selecting between several colorful themes.

You get quick access to the search function, importing/exporting options, deletion parameters, printing mode, ignore and upload features, as well as a set of configuration settings hidden under the hood.

FacebookLog gives you the possibility to perform searches throughout the recorded information, highlight all matches, go to the previous or next word, and match the whole word only.

What’s more, you can import data from LOG or ZIP file format, export the recorded entries to HTML or plain text file format, delete Facebook content log (once it’s deleted it cannot be restored), print the information, and ignore the selected IP address.

When it comes to uploading parameters, you may send data via email or FTP server. In addition, you are allowed to schedule the uploading process, upload data in FacebookLog file format or plain text, as well as add an email title and send a test email.

Several configuration settings enable you to select the network devices that you want to monitor, create an ignore list with IP addresses that are skipped from the recording process, pick the saving directory, and open the chat log folder.

All in all, FacebookLog comes with a handy suite of features for helping you keep track of all your Facebook activities and can be used by all types of users, regardless of their experience level.