Correcting large documents or texts can be a tiresome task, as you need to check for grammar errors and misplaced characters. One thing that the “Auto-correct” function of most text editors does not do is finding duplicate records in your text, because they are correctly written and do not appear as mistakes.

Luckily, there is specialized software that can do this, one solution being FDR - Find Duplicate Records. It allows you to process TXT files and pasted text blocks in order to find out if they contain any duplicate entries.

The application allows you to paste a certain text block or TXT file, then analyze it and count any duplicate records. After the scan is complete, you can easily view the number of duplicate entries that your text contains.

Furthermore, you can view the number of unique records that appear in your text, then copy the cleaned-up text in your clipboard. In addition, you can export the duplicate entries and unique records to TXT files, in order to analyze them later. Before any of these happen, you can preview your processed text and check if any mistakes were made.

If you process large files, the program will display the current task , elapsed time and remaining time, as well as the current progress. The report log can be copied in your clipboard, as it contains the file path, total number of duplicates, along with the number of repeating entries detected or unique kewords.

FDR - Find Duplicate Records can help you clean your text and slightly reduce its size, by processing it in order to find any duplicate records or repeating words. Your text will be easier to read and will not contain obtrusive repeating words, that can lose the interest of certain people that read it.