No matter where you live, you can't help but feel proud of your country of origin. It doesn't matter if it's because of current economic power, past historical achievements or the natural beauty that it boasts, you cannot help but feel a bit patriotic.

Flag 3D Screensaver lets you express your love for your country by showing off its flag as it majestically flutters in the wind.

Judging the app by its name is a mistake, as it's much more than an animated flag.

The background textures are of high quality, while also being animated. The lighting is amazing as the few rays of sunlight that manage to pass through the fluttering flag seem realistic as well.

The final element the adds to the screensaver's overall realism is the way the flag's fabric flutters, as it makes you almost hear the wind blowing through it.

One of the things that set this screensaver apart from all the others made by the same developer is that during the setup process you are required to input your country's flag.

This operation seems self-explanatory until you realize that you can always just change the flag from the "Settings" menu at any time. Another thing which was noticed is the narrow selection of available flags. Considering how easy it would be just to have the texture projected on the flag's surface, this feature should have been the last one you might think would be lacking.

All aspects considered, whether your from a country that has its flag in app's database or you at least admire one that does, you might find Flag 3D Screensaver to be enjoyable.