While many may not realize it, managing your inventory can make all the difference between making sales and losing leads and customers to your competition. Handy Athletic/Sport Equipment Manager is a tool dedicated to companies that are specialized in sports equipment and provides them with a user-friendly environment for keeping track of all aspects of their business.

The application comes with a rather rugged interface, but it is easy to navigate and includes tips on how to make various actions, such as how to change the home information, for instance. The ribbon GUI enables you to quickly access the section that interests you, be it the Inventory, Borrowers, Reservations, Check-in, Check-Our, Renew, Managing Loans, so on and so forth.

It is worth mentioning that the tool enables you to include minute information about the items in your inventory, such as manufacturer, model, serial, location, costs, status, condition or total quantities for example.

At the same time, you have a section for lost and new items, borrowers as well as the items you are loaning to your customers. Therefore, you are going to know at all times what happened to a particular piece of equipment and who you can ask to find out more about it. It goes without saying that the chances of getting it back are higher in this situation.

The program can come in handy for schools and sports clubs, not just stores since these institutions also need to manage sports equipment along with consumables. Regardless of whether you use it for borrowing, keeping track or sales, you can issue load receipts and set clear load rules.

In the eventuality that you are running a sports store and you need a better way to manage inventory, customers and get a general idea about how sales and business are doing, then perhaps Handy Athletic/Sport Equipment Manager could come in handy.

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