Working with media formats these days can either be a hassle or an easy affair, depending on the software that users choose to rely on. There are the well-established media processing suites, which at times can be overly complex or, too minimalist, leaving little space in between the two. This is where HitPaw Video Editor slots right in, aiming at offering users a video processing app that is accessible enough in order to ensure efficient handling, while still retaining some essential functionality traits.

One of the first aspects that become quickly apparent, is the fact that the app relies on a timeline-based approach for handling the loaded video data. We found this to be a good choice, as it enables good and precise control over the video content.

Furthermore, since a timeline-based editing interface is provided, it is far easier to add and subsequently identify changes to the video, as these are quite easy to spot this way. The only feature that we found to be too minimalist, is the timeline stretch.

The editor comes equipped with an entire array of features, which are neatly categorized, using tabs and subsequent selector tools. Multiple aspects are covered, ranging from simple to more complex.

We believe that the available features and their variations make up for a good “arsenal” for performing minimalist to even quite strong edits on video content. All of the above, without enforcing users to a more complex-than-needed endeavor.

Give HitPaw Video Editor a try, if you seek a minimalist yet capable app to help you perform adjustments and changes to your video files.