Programming languages have greatly evolved throughout the years, but it’s still up to code writing to make everything work. A popular type is HTML, but chances are you need the same functionality in a different type of code. In this regard, HTML to AnyCode Converter wants to help you easily convert HTML projects to JS, ASP, PHP, and Perl.

After a short and uneventful setup process, you’re free to launch the application to see what it’s all about. The main window shows up, with a clear view of all functions, and several tabs to provide quick access to general functions, conversion results, and documentation in case you get stuck along the way, but the overall layout is intuitive enough.

Needless to say that the core source code needs to come from HTML files. Importing content can either be done by dragging the target file over the main window, open it with the browse dialog, or simply paste the code inside the editable source code area. Syntax highlighting makes it easy to identify functions.

There are several output file formats at your disposal. A simple selection before the process is enough, with options like JavaScript, ASP, PHP, JSP, and Perl. Hitting the “Start” button finishes the job almost instantly, taking you to the results tab to analyze output. Luckily, you can edit result in case you want to add, or remove specific elements or strings.

Saving is done under the selected format, or you can just have code copied to clipboard. Unfortunately, it’s very likely that conversion is not properly done. In our tests, every HTML line got converted as text to display, regardless of the output option, or variety of functions used.

To sum it up, HTML to AnyCode Converter comes with good intentions, and provides an intuitive workspace in which to write, or insert HTML code to have it converted to other similar types. However, it seems to get the job only halfway through, with lines converted as printable text, with no regard to HTML snippets and functions.