It's not mandatory to resort to Adobe Acrobat to be able to open and edit PDF documents with ease, especially since it's well known how this software application is demanding on the computer's resources. Instead, you can turn to a program as elegant and intuitive as IceCream PDF Editor.

It's a free PDF editor for Windows that comes wrapped in a sophisticated-looking interface and bundled with a range of useful editing features. Anyone can open and modify PDF docs with ease. Multiple files can be kept opened at the same time to quickly navigate them and make edits in any order before saving changes, thanks to the multi-tab support provided by this app.

Not only does it work with protected PDFs as long as you know the password, but it also gives you the possibility to set new passwords as well as manage permissions when it comes to printing, copying, editing, managing pages or annotations, filling in forms, and access for special reading applications.

As far as editing is concerned, IceCream PDF Editor has tools for scrolling the document in any direction using a hand, selecting any object to view, drag or edit properties, as well as for drawing rectangles, circles, lines and arrows. The stroke size, color and opacity of the shape can be personalized as you see fit.

Existing text can be edited and customized in size, font, color and bold or italic effect. When it comes to annotations, you can also add new text, sticky notes and highlights, insert stamps or images from external files (PNG, JPEG), and add underline, strikethrough or wavy effect over text. A history of annotations can be seen on the right side of the main window, enabling you to review past activity and undo modifications if necessary.

Pages can be displayed in single, double or fullscreen mode. You can add bookmarks, zoom in and out, look up text using a search tool, drag and drop objects during edits, view and edit document properties, and rotate pages or insert new ones. Multiple GUI languages are supported.

All aspects considered, IceCream PDF Editor provides a straightforward solution for opening and editing PDF documents, aided by a good-looking graphical interface and easy-to-use tools.