Over the last decade, the emergence of cloud services has changed the way people back up their data. The popularity of such a solution was not at all surprising: knowing your files and documents are safe is one thing, but being able to access them from anywhere is entirely another. PC software, web app, as well as mobile phone compatibility — it's all so convenient with the tools at your disposal.

As one can expect, cloud solutions have been getting more and more varied. You can pick and choose from many different providers, and perhaps Icedrive's take may just entice you: the same convenience, bundled with the ability to access your data as if it were on a physical drive.

The main feature of Icedrive is that it can integrate seamlessly with your machine, syncing your data and making it appear as physical storage. Backing up and restoring are done that way. After "mounting" the software, a new drive will appear in your system, allowing you to drag and drop the files you want to have at the ready.

This functionality is very convenient and practical. By having your cloud storage act as a physical drive, you'll be able to preserve your important documents, images, and folders more often, as well as access them as though they were on your hard drive.

Icedrive provides you with the possibility of syncing certain folders you periodically want to back up. You'll first have to designate it through the "New sync pair" — and then the whole process will be automated.

For those who need it, this software also has a portable version. Though the mounting drive feature is only available in the installable version, the cloud functionality is still easy to access. A web and mobile app are also available, so that you can view and retrieve the things you need, when you need them.

In conclusion, Icedrive is a solid app. Though the market is very competitive, the options this software provides are worth exploring.