With the current trend of adding text recognition into the programming environment, the ability to integrate such solutions to one’s particular project can make the difference between an efficient workflow and a more difficult approach.

IronOCR – The C# Library was designed specifically in order to provide users who deal within the C Sharp environment to perform advanced recognition and text reading, from multiple sources, such as images or PDF files. Besides the default, image to text capabilities, it will also provide means for reading barcodes and QR codes, and in the same fashion as the other IronOCR libraries, offer an automated return for the process.

The library comes packed with a built-in collection of dictionaries and it is equipped with multiple machine learning models for multiple languages, including English. Users will be able to deploy the library into the Microsoft Visual Studio environment by relying on the NuGet package manager.

The optical character recognition engine of the library relies on human vision simulation by means of character comparison between the ones found in the images and the ones in the built-in library. In addition to that, handwriting and typefaces are also included in the inherent machine learning models provided with the library.