Using different passwords for protecting different files means that you might accidentally end up mixing them up or forgetting them altogether. In this case, you need to turn to dedicated software for retrieving the contents of your files.

iSumsoft ZIP Password Refixer is a user-friendly solution that can prove helpful when you're looking to recover a lost or forgotten password of your encrypted archives.

The application comes with an intuitive graphic interface that encourages even PC novices to attempt decrypting their ZIP or 7Z files.

The first step is to select the source archive by browsing to its location (drag and drop actions are not supported).

Next, you can change the recovery settings or leave them default if you prefer, then wait until the decryption is complete, which might take a long time depending on the complexity of the password.

iSumsoft ZIP Password Refixer supports several recovery modes, namely normal, mask, dictionary and smart. You can also specify the types of characters that the password supposedly contains (caps or small Latin characters, digits, special symbols).

You can mention the minimum and the maximum lengths of the password, as well as enter the location of the dictionary file if you select the dictionary recovery mode.

All in all, iSumsoft ZIP Password Refixer can prove a helpful utility if you forget your password and you want to recover the contents of your archives. However, you can only process one ZIP or 7Z file, and you can choose a single recovery mode to be attempted at a time, so it will certainly put your patience to the test.

On the downside, if the archive you selected is not password-protected, the app does not correctly identify it as it only displays an error that does not clearly state what the problem is.