Images of various formats and with different purposes are, just as other file types, subject of mishaps, digital deterioration or other unfortunate events that can seriously damage their integrity and corresponding access properties. Kernel Photo Repair will offer you the means to repair such damaged image files, regain access to them and in the end visualize them. All in just a few simple steps.

Users can add several files at a time and this can be done either by using the included directory navigation wizard or through direct drag-and-drop onto the interface. Although it might not be such an important feature, batch processing does improve efficiency.

Also beneficial is the fact that users can drag their images directly onto the interface, this way saving time. This increases use comfort and offers flexibility, especially to those who are accustomed to this method of inputting files.

Preview the repair progress and save an Excel format report for the results

Having loaded the damaged image files, users can then proceed with the repair process and a nifty graphical progress bar will notify them of the progress and status of the recovery process.

Another useful trick provided by the app will allow users to save the recovery report into CSV format, for later use. As to its usefulness, it might be questionable; however, having a detailed view of all the steps taken and problems encountered in the process can sometimes be helpful.

If you’re struggling with damaged image files or you just want to recover some old photographs which present digital deterioration, this software might come in handy. Thanks to an overall straightforward process, easy-to-use features and basically no configuration required, it can help you recover your images in just a few simple steps.