Lots of gaming peripherals come with macro functionalities built into their software — some even have dedicated buttons for that purpose. Even entry-level gaming mice come with such capabilities, making this capability available to nearly everyone.

For those wanting such functionality, dedicated software can lend them a hand in creating and using macros on any peripherals, greatly enhancing efficiency. Keyran is an app designed to bring that feature to everyone: create, use, and share your macros via this straightforward and intuitive software.

While this program's design may initially give you the impression that it's been made to cater to gamers, you can rest assured knowing that it can be used for just about anything. Starting out is an easy process: right-click a key, then prompt to create a new macro. That key will act as the trigger for the functions you customize in the Editor.

The Editor is simple enough to understand. Create a new macro file, then either record your keystrokes or input them manually via the on-screen keyboard and mouse. You'll see the recorded commands appear on the main screen. For macros with multiple commands, you'll notice that there's a transition delay between them — this can be changed to your liking.

A great feature of this app lies in its sharing capabilities: upon registering on their website, users are allowed to freely download the macros of others, whilst also being able to share their own. We found the user-made presets very useful, and there's something for everyone.

While not the most advanced thing you'll see, we managed to create our own macro just for Cookie Clicker, whereby the left mouse button would be constantly clicking — without us having to do anything. We were able to create quite an imposing cookie business that way.

It is possible that the game you're trying to run a macro for has prohibited the use of such software. Due to that, you should tread carefully and analyze each game's terms of service to make sure about their standing.

Still, by navigating to the Settings, you'll notice that the app has a way of bypassing the common protections by installing a driver of sorts that requires a system reboot. Use this at your discretion: there's a reason why some games preclude the use of macros.

Keyran is an easy-to-use app that brings the functionality of macros to everyone: setting it all up is a simple process, and the user-created commands are a great bonus to have.