The success of any marketing campaign is strongly related to how it manages to reach its public. Needless to say, the larger the audiences its message is conveyed to, the better, but if you have not been in the field for a long time, the chances are it would be rather difficult to find contacts.

Nevertheless, an email crawler could solve the issue, and you could effortlessly have access to a multitude of contacts in a very short amount of time. LetsExtract Email Studio is one such application that could open the door to countless outstanding marketing approaches.

First off, it should be said that the email spider addresses not only seasoned users but also those who are experimenting with marketing strategies for the first time ever, what with the approachable GUI it reveals.

As regards the sources it relies on in order to provide you with comprehensive lists of email addresses, the program offers quite a few options. As such, you can extract email addresses from files and folders, explore a particular website in order to find new contacts, or simply turn to popular search engines that only require the correct keywords.

The scan the program carries out could be quite lengthy, depending on the data it has to process, but what is great is that, once an email address is found, it is automatically displayed in the main window. Additional details could also be provided, including phone, Skype, owner, URL or mailbox, title, and domain.

Once the scan has been completed or stopped, saving the results to a CSV file or exporting them to a Microsoft Excel format is possible. Moreover, copying them to the clipboard is an option. But before that, you may want to filter the data you have been provided with, and that is possible. You can thus remove duplicates or get rid of all items from a specific domain. Aside from that, a built-in email verifier should help you decide whether the found data is worth your attention.

On an ending note, LetsExtract Email Studio proposes a simple way of exploring all sorts of sources ranging from files and folders to websites and search engines in order to build comprehensive email databases. The app worked seamlessly during our tests and could be the starting point of a great marketing campaign.

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