Not many people can speak a foreign language or can afford to hire a translator whenever they need to work with a foreign document, so dedicated applications are their solution. Lingvanex is one such app.

The utility comes with an intuitive and straightforward GUI that requires no previous computer experience to understand. Lingvanex can help you effortlessly translate texts from multiple languages, while adjusting the look of the main window as you see fit. The panels and the text justification can be altered with ease, along with text font, size and color.

You basically need to type or paste some text, select the source and the target languages, then start the translation.

Furthermore, you can set Lingvanex to read the selected text out loud or you can bookmark the current translation so you can easily access it at a later time.

Lingvanex includes several nifty features, such as translating text found in an image (BMP, JPG, PNG) - however, it could use some fine tuning since its results are not always accurate.

Another option is to connect your microphone and speak into it, then use Lingvanex to translate the text to a chosen language.

Once you are done with a translation, you can export it to various formats, such as RTF, DOCX, PDF, ODT, HTML or TXT, or you can choose a graphic format (BMP, JPG, PNG).

Lingvanex can prove very helpful if you are interested in learning or improving your skills in English, as it displays the phonetic transcription, definition and examples for any word you choose. Moreover, you can listen to the sample sentences and practice your pronunciation as well.

All in all, Lingvanex can assist both beginners and experts in their translation, while also offering some additional functions to enhance the experience.