Lotto is a ery interesting tool, especially designedto help lotto players to increase chance of winning and to keep evidention of combinations played and results after every draw.

How Stonisa Software's Lotto boost chances?

History of previous draws is the key of correcting draw probability for every number in the next draw. No numbers are excluded from a draw, just their probability is what is corrected.

Probability calculation is performed using Back Propagation Neural Networks (artificial intelligence).


■ 80486 based IBM PC compatible computer (or higher);

■ 8 Mb of free memory;

■ About 1 Mb free disk space;

■ Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP;

■ A mouse is recommended;

■ SVGA card with True color mode is recommended.


■ nag screen

■ only one lotto system