Location-based games carry the excitement of seeing new places alongside the desire to complete the in-game missions. However, it sometimes might happen that you simply cannot be going places but still want to play the game and that is when an application such as MocPOGO comes in handy.

MocPOGO is a location changing application that enables you to modify the GPS location on your iOS or Android device. In other words, you should be able to use it to simulate GPS movements not just for location-based games, but also for apps that track your location.

The application is easily installed and, after agreeing to the disclaimer, you are prompted to choose tge type of device you are using. MocPOGO comes with support for both iOS and Android devices, providing a versatile tool to this extent.

At this point, you should connect your phone to the PC via a USB cable, so as to allow it to communicate with MocPOGO. While USB connections are available for both device types, wireless connections only work with iOS phones. It is also worth noting that, when connecting an iPhone for the first time to MocPOGO, cable connection is required.

To allow MocPOGO to access your device, you should trust the computer your phone is connected to and unlock the device using your personal passcode. Developer mode should be enabled on iOS and USB debugging should be active on Android devices for MocPOGO to work properly.

MocPOGO features a so-called “Teleport mode”, which allows you to see your current location and change it to any location on the map. Not only that it is possible to search for a target location to emulate, but you can also adjust the speed of the GPS movement simulation.

There is also the “Two-spot” mode available, one which enables you to easily move from one point on the map to another at a custom speed, while the “Multi-spot” mode allows you to create an itinerary for your GPS to follow and emulate. Repeating the trajectory is also possible and you get to decide upon the number of loops.

Aside from simulating GPS trajectories and itineraries, MocPOGO also allows you to import GPX files, change map positioning on multiple devices, and so on. The application remembers all the routes you visited and stores them for you. It can simulate GPS movements for games and apps, which might catch the eye of many users.