If you're putting together a music collection, it's a good idea to get organized and write down track information in a file since it comes in handy for quickly verifying data. Doing this on your own can be a tedious task, especially when talking about a large number of audio tracks.

However, you can turn to an application like MP3 List to do this swiftly and cleanly. It's an intuitive tool designed to generate CSV files with information from audio tracks, featuring a user-friendly graphical interface and options.

Installing the program takes minimal time and effort because there are no special configuration settings. Once you reach the main app window, you can get started by picking a folder whose audio tracks you want to take into account when creating the CSV file. Not only MP3 is supported but also WAV and WMA. Files of any other extensions are ignored when added to the list, so no errors should occur because of this.

If the MP3 tracks have tags, you can check out not only the filenames and length but also the artist, title, album, year and comments. To save the list, you just have to indicate the output directory and filename. Before doing so, it's possible to format all text from the new CSV file to either uppercase or lowercase, depending on your preference.

Further, you can seamlessly copy, move or rename the files without leaving the graphical interface, visit their location in your default file browser, as well as set filters to process only certain audio tracks instead of all.

Options provided by MP3 List are available for printing data, setting and managing bookmarks, viewing folder history, including subfolders, and editing columns to show more or less track information. The font can be customized, too.

All aspects considered, MP3 List delivers a simple solution when it comes to better organizing music collections by creating CSV files with audio track information.