nanoCAD Plus provides a full-featured CAD application with native DWG support and a generous design toolbox that allows you to create compelling industry-standard 2D models.  Combining ease of use with a powerful set of instruments, it can deliver design, documentation, blueprints and technical plans no matter the industry.

Thanks to the classic CAD interface, getting familiar with nanoCAD Plus is extremely easy. Any engineer or developer that previously worked with other popular CAD software will find all the tools in their right places. This results in a fast migration to nanoCAD Plus, as the working environment is familiar and recognizable.

Aside from the classical CAD interface, nanoCAD Plus also comes with a ribbon-based GUI. Not only that this makes the transition to working with nanoCAD Plus much easier, but it also provides one-click access to all the features and enhances the user experience.

nanoCAD Plus delivers a collaborative and customizable work area that puts all the tools at your disposal, allowing you to focus on your design. The tool palettes place all the instruments within reach in the ribbon GUI, meaning all your favorites commands and blocks are accessible and ready to use.  Dynamic input makes it possible for you to specify certain parameters as you go, which simplifies the entire design process.

It is worth mentioning that nanoCAD Plus supports IFC underlays, allowing you to load BIM models. Moreover, it can import point clouds, facilitating data analysis, filtering, classification and calculation.

nanoCAD Plus brings to the table a reliable CAD tool fit for collaboration and file sharing, with a familiar user interface and a powerful set of tools. Additionally, it features an open API, which makes it possible to develop independent applications and modules.