Network Assistant, also known as Nassi, is a real-time network communication utility that is perfect for the office environment. In fact, the app has been developed so as to be used in small offices or home office local networks.

The interface of the program is very simple and a bit outdated, but in the same time it is easy to understand, use and customize. For example, you can pin or unpin the Users and Network tabs and you can add or remove certain bars. Furthermore the interface is also multilingual, as you are able to change the language from English to Bulgarian, Spanish, Czech and German and so on.

The program does not require an Internet connection or a dedicated server, which will definitely make things much easier for you. Nassi it able to this by using technology based on IP Multicast or broadcast.

Network Assistant offers a lot of nice and most importantly, useful features. For example, you can send private messages as well as group ones, you can transfer files, change your nickname or status, view all the users connected, view the shared whiteboard or the message board and so on. In addition to that, the app also allows for remote process control, remote screenshots and activity tracking.

The program also allows you to connect to channel based chats, so that you can discuss with people easily. You can add an infinite number of channels with an infinite number of topics, but there are only four types of chats: general, announcer (visible to all users), password protect and of course private (user to user).

All in all, Network Assistant is a handy software tool with a simple, multilingual (and a bit outdated) interface that can be used by normal users, as well as power users.