Nightime-R is an intuitive and easy to understand software utility meant to assist you in carefully defining the amount of time children spend on the computer, by limiting their access to the PC to specific time intervals each day.

The program displays a very clean and straightforward user interface, all of its configuration preferences and parameters being situated just a click away.

The main window of Nightime-R displays the default time frames and enables you to customize them with ease, provided that you know and input the correct access code; the default passphrase is 1234, but it can and should be changed, for added security.

The application comes with several pre-existing settings for each day of the week, as well as for ‘Holiday Times’. However, you can individually select each day and configure different ‘Sleep Time’, ‘Allowed Time’ and ‘Daily Limit’.

As such, you can fully decide when your kids can or cannot use the computer, as well as for how long that can do it. To save the new time frames, you can click either on ‘Store Sleep or Allows Time(s)’ or on ‘Store Daily Limit’, which will memorize your preferences.

However, should something out of the ordinary happen or should you wish to award your children for their good behavior, you can offer them ‘Extra Time Today’, letting them spend up to one more hour on the PC. The opposite action is also possible, enabling you to reduce the total usage duration for the current day by as little as 10 minutes or as much as an hour.

In closing, Nightime-R proves to be a useful and practical application aimed to function as a parental control instrument for restricting the time spent in front of the PC, as a means of encouraging them to try other activities as well.