OfficeRecovery is a useful and powerful software which combines data recovery programs into convenient setup packages.

With these components you can restore Microsoft Word documents (.doc), fix damaged Microsoft Excel worksheets (.xls), repair borken Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (.ppt) and even rescue data from damaged Microsoft OneNote files (.onr). All the tools are easy to use, no special skills required.

OfficeRecovery Basic, Standard, Professional, Premium and Enterprise versions are available, providing recovery solutions for various needs and budgets.

The suites support the latest in Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003 technology.

Here are some key features of "OfficeRecovery Professional":

■ Recovery for Access

■ Recovers Access databases

■ FreeUndelete

■ Undelete lost files and folders

■ MediaHeal for CD and DVD

■ Restore data from corrupted CD/DVD

■ MediaHeal for Hard Drives

■ Restore data from damaged hard drives

■ MediaHeal for Flash

■ Restore data from corrupted flash cards

■ MediaHeal for Diskettes

■ Restore data from damaged floppies

■ MediaHeal for Removable Disks

■ Restore data from corrupted optical drives

■ Recovery for Money

■ Recovers MS Money files

■ Recovery for Outlook Express

■ Recovers Outlook Express folders

■ Recovery for Outlook

■ Recovers Outlook pst files

■ Recovery for OneNote

■ Recovers MS OneNote files

■ CalcRecovery

■ Recovers OpenOffice

■ Calc spreadsheets

■ WriterRecovery

■ Recovers OpenOffice

■ Writer documents

■ Recovery for Publisher

■ Recovers MS Publisher files

■ PDFRecovery

■ Recovers Adobe

■ PDF documents

■ PixRecovery

■ Recovers damaged


■ Recovery for PowerPoint

■ Recovers PowerPoint presentations

■ Recovery for Project

■ Recovers MS Project files

■ PhotoshopRecovery

■ Recovers Adobe

■ Photoshop files

■ Undelete for Outlook

■ Retrives lost

■ Outlook items

■ Recovery for Works Database

■ Recovers MS Works databases

■ Recovery for Works Spreasheet

■ Recovers MS Works spreadsheets

■ Recovery for Works Word

■ Recovers MS Works documents

■ WordPerfectRecovery

■ Recovers WordPerfect documents

■ Recovery for Word

■ Recovers Word documents

■ Recovery for Excel

■ Recovers Excel spreadsheets

■ ZipRecovery

■ Recovers corrupted

■ Zip archives


■ Free demo version of OfficeRecovery recovers a limited amount of corrupted data.

■ The remaining recoverable data will be labeled as "demo" in the demo-recovered file.