Emails are still a trending way of communication, even if there are tons of other alternatives. Chances are, documents on your computer contain addresses you might one day need, and Windows search doesn’t help in this regard, but this is where applications like Offline Email Extractor come in handy.

Once installed and running, the interface takes you through an easy accommodation process, with a simple interface, toolbar, as well as any other element or function you encounter. Most of the space is blank by default, but is where all results are displayed in a list along with details like file name, path, domain, file size, extension, date modified, and a few more.

When triggered, the application snoops through a custom array of file types in an attempt to detect and grab email addresses and deliver them to you either to export or insert in other documents. To initiate the process, it’s enough to press the New button and choose search criteria.

A new search is not put in motion until you define source, options, and filters. There are several presets for quick processing. However, you’re free to add more extensions, or only those of interest, with entries stored in a drop-down menu for later use. To make the process faster, filters can be applied so that the application skips certain files or entire locations.

Regardless of options, the process doesn’t take more than a few seconds. Results are displayed in the list as they are found, with the possibility to stop the search in case you identified an address of interest.

With a full results list, you can easily analyze them, compare two files, and even find specific keywords. Moreover, it’s possible to export a selection or all files to CSV, or simply have addresses copied to the clipboard for instant processing in other applications.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Offline Email Extractor does a decent job at identifying email addresses well hidden in files on your system you probably did not even know existed. The interface makes sure accommodation is a walk in the park, with results retrieved in a jiffy so you can carry out more important tasks.