Passcue for Windows is a handy utility that gives you the possibility to recover passwords that are strictly connected to the Windows OS, mostly user or admin accounts.

After the brief installation process is over, the app will prompt you a tab from where you can choose what method of recovery you intend to use. You can either opt for a bootable CD/DVD or go for the simplest way, a USB stick. Keep in mind that the storage devices have to be 100% clean before creation.

Passcue for Windows lets you recover user accounts by selecting the user ID from the list that pops up after a bootable device was created. Select the targeted ID and hit "Reset password" to view and change the old one.

Regarding the Windows Server service, the app can easily override  passwords for Windows Servers 2016/2012/2008 R2 Domain Controllers. The same principle applies as a local user, making the recovery swift and efficient

You don't have to worry about your system BIOS as the tool is capable enough to work on both variants of BIOS.

Passcue for Windows allows you to create a brand new user directly from the app in order to make the recovery of other accounts more easier. All these actions are completed without the need to alter the OS in any way.

All in all, Passcue for Windows is a handy app that lets you regain access over your Windows accounts in case you had lost or forgot your passwords, by creating and using a bootable device. The process is simple and intuitive which allows for a successful operation for all users, no matter the technical skills.