In the case of PDF files containing scanned content, their size can sometimes cause you trouble when it come to disk space requirements or email attachments. Hence, it can be useful to reduce their overall size, by compressing the documents and cutting down on quality and DPI level.

PDF Compressor is an application designed to tackle this problem in your place, by providing you with a quick and easy solution when it comes to large PDF files. In addition, it is also capable of handling multiple documents at once, as well as make the entire operation much easier by supporting drag-and-drop operations directly onto its interface.

To add the files, you can either use the aforementioned method and drag the files using your mouse, or you can manually select each individual item, by navigating to its directory from within the application. Furthermore, it is also possible to add entire folders at once, since the utility is able to detect every PDF instance found within the selected path.

In order to perform the compression, PDF Compressor allows you to modify the document's dots-per-inch attribute, which is responsible for the amount of detail contained within the pages. By doing so, the application can drastically reduce the overall size of the file, although it does so at the cost of a lower image quality.

Beside the DPI, you can also modify the desired compression quality, by making use of the built-in slider. Thus, you can increase or decrease its strength, depending on how much you want to reduce the PDF and how much quality you are disposed to make due without.

All in all, PDF Compressor packs a mean punch, and, despite being such a small and lightweight utility, it does come with some rather powerful compression features. In addition, the small package also has the benefit of being very simple and easy-to-use, regardless of any previous experience.