PDF Properties Editor is a simple software tool you can use to modify PDF properties, as the name says. It has a built-in file explorer, supports batch processing, and finishes tasks rapidly.

Installing this utility is a fast task that shouldn't impose any difficulties. It's packed in a user-friendly interface made from a large window with a clear-cut structure, where you can use the built-in file navigator to locate a directory, in order to process all its PDF documents.

It's possible to change the author, title, subject, keywords (separated by comma), application, and producer. Changes are applied immediately after confirming the action.

Unfortunately, PDF Properties Editor doesn't give you the possibility to filter files from a specified folder, which means that all PDFs are automatically taken into account, whether you have selected them or not. There are no other notable options available here.

As we expected, the utility didn't put a strain on the overall performance of the computer in our testing, thanks to the fact that it needed a low amount of CPU and RAM to work properly. It worked smoothly, without triggering the operating system to hang, crash or prompt error dialogs. Tasks were carried out fast.

On the other hand, the software program doesn't leave too much room for customization. As previously mentioned, it doesn't let you select which PDFs to work on, as it automatically changes the properties of all PDFs from the specified directory.

Nevertheless, Plus, PDF Properties Editor provides a speedy and straightforward solution for modifying the metadata of numerous PDFs at the same time, and it can be seamlessly handled by anyone, even users with little or no previous experience in PDF processing software.