Photo Slideshow With Music Software is designed to help you generate and watch a photo slideshow out of your favorite pictures, with customizable background music.

Simply put, this application is nothing more than a slideshow generator. Unlike other software utilities in its category, it does not allow you to save the slideshow to your computer, which is an important drawback. As such, you can only use it to create a slideshow on the spot and view it in full screen.

The slideshow it creates can include multiple images and the background music can be customized according to your preferences. To do so, you must select the MP3 files that will be used as a soundtrack for your presentation.

Photo Slideshow With Music Software enables you to import individual files one by one, while also offering you the possibility to select a folder where images are located and leave the 'selection' process in its hands.

There are other options you can tamper with, such as the looping function (plays the slideshow repeatedly until you press the 'ESC' key), display options, the background color, the zoom level and the number of seconds between two consecutive images. Furthermore, the slideshow can be protected by a password.

Photo Slideshow With Music Software provides basic functionality for slideshow creation, enabling you to watch photo sequences with custom background music. While one of its advantages is the ease of use, it is disappointing that the generated slideshows cannot be saved to file for future playback.