Despite its name, Picmutate Image Converter is not limited to converting pictures. It conceals a broader feature set that also includes a few editing tools for enhancing photos and adjusting their dimensions, all in batch mode.

With an interface that surprises through a functional, intuitive layout, Picmutate Image Converter displays both before and after previews of the images. In other words, you will be able to see how the resulting image will look like as you make changes.

The application is compatible with some of the most popular graphic formats, such as BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, PNG. Surprisingly, it also recognizes a few extra file types that are usually not supported by batch processing apps, requiring dedicated tools. For instance, you can use it to edit and convert ICO, CUR, ICNS, PBM, XPM, XBM, WEBP, WBMP, or PPM files.

As for the editing tools, Picmutate Image Converter displays all the available options in different tabs with suggestive names.

You can use it to resize and crop the input images according to your specifications, rotate or flip them horizontally and vertically. A few image correction tools enable you to enhance the image quality by freely adjusting the brightness, the contrast, the gamma, the hue and the saturation levels. The application also comes with ready-to-apply filters and effects, but the array of choices is narrow in this case.

A picture watermark can be superimposed on all the images in batch. You can modify the opacity level of the watermark, its scale, and its position. Unfortunately, there is no option for text watermarks.

Picmutate Image Converter is far from being a professional image editor, but its assortment of options offers a basic toolbox for enhancing pictures and converting them to other formats. Together with the multi-threaded processing engine, such features can become appealing to users.

As a suggestion, it would come in handy to allow users to create different configuration profiles they can save and load for various picture collections, instead of having to adjust the parameters manually for every individual image set.

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