Even if they are not doing this for a living, some people really enjoy taking a lot of pictures while traveling or during an important moment of their lives. If you recognize yourself in the description and you have accumulated hundreds of albums over the years, then there is a chance that you are looking for a tool to help you organize them.

Picture of You is a tool dedicated to organizing photo albums and providing encrypted storage for your precious memories. Not only does it support high volumes of data, but comes with a few features that ensure you are going to find your images fast when you need them the most.

The program comes with a sleek and stylish interface organized as a dashboard so that you can navigate to your point of interest right away. The GUI is quite intuitive and you can easily create a new album from the dedicated tab regardless of your experience with similar tools. To put it simply, to create a new album all you need to do is specify the name for it and drag and drop the desired images.

You will be happy to learn that the app enables you to make a few final touches to the pictures, such as adding a watermark for a pic you plan to upload online, for example. In addition, you can check out the metadata and make necessary edits for the title, author, add tags and include a description. In terms of editing, you can crop, flip, rotate and adjust the various graphic filters for your data. The app supports the batch function, so you can easily do so for all the pictures at the same time.

According to the developer, the app can read metadata and dates in the photo, so you can check out an album in a calendar that you can browse from day to day. Moreover, the depth of the album is unlimited, so you can include the same picture in other albums as well. All in all, Picture of You comes with most of the tools you need to manage and organize your photo collection.