Numbers are behind the well-functioning of the majority of modern gadgets, machines, and devices. Even random generators play an important role here, with the shuffle function being a suitable example. However, if you want your own list of values, you can use applications like Random Number Generator to get a hold of it.

One first note is that the application relies on .NET Framework to function, so you might want to make sure it’s installed on your computer, even though it usually comes in the default set of features delivered with modern Windows iterations.

All the application has to offer is found in quite an intuitive interface, wrapped around a classic window frame. There are a couple of modes to the whole operation, and switching automatically shows dedicated settings in the interface. There’s also a list which displays and lets you explore all generated numbers.

As mentioned, you can generate numbers in two modes. On the one hand, there’s the sequential number generator, which pretty much speaks for itself. You can set a custom range, as well as to add a prefix, which is optional. It can take a while to generate the entire list, but this mostly depends on the amount of numbers.

On the other hand, there’s the actual random number generator. It’s got similar requirements as the previous one, in terms of range and prefix. However, you also need to specify the total number of items to generate here. Created items are displayed in the output window as they’re generated, and you can save the list afterwards.

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Random Number Generator is a reliable little tool which allows you to create countless random or sequential numbers. Effort on your behalf is minimum, with the possibility to include a prefix, and save the list to file.