Automation compression tool companion of WinRar that will periodically scan source folders, compress files with normalized filenames like RA0000001.rar to a target folder waiting for transfer.

Then in reception location it uncompress restoring Macintosh structures and filenames and Windows 2000 files with properties (Title, Subject, Comments, Keywords, etc.).

Compressed files keep their data fork, resource fork and Finder information.

Companion tool for WinRar compression utility.

Fully preserves NTFS alternate streams. Automatically compress/uncompress Macintosh files stored on NT/2000 volumes preserving their filenames and peculiar structures - it means for example that you can use Rarissimo to send and receive Macintosh files using any standard FTP process (and not only Mac-based programs).

Rarissimo can be installed as a Windows NT or Windows 2000 Service.

- Easy definitions of source and target folders.

- Supports UNC (Universal Naming Convention) to name folders as ServerShareFolder.

- Setting time interval for update. Each folder can be checked using its specific interval for update.

- Setting performance.

Archive compress/uncompress operations in Log files.

Languages: English, French


■ 20 days trial