RealityCapture is a program specialized in photogrammetry work. It features an intricate layout replete with a full array of tools to help you create a plethora of content. It can help you create 2D and 3D maps, virtual reality and related elements, geo-referenced maps, orthographic projects, and many other things, especially those linked to laser scans.

Assets for your game or animated movie can also be achieved through this app, as the capabilities of the program can extend as far as you allow them.

Navigating through this app as a first-timer can be a bit awkward. This is some intricately designed software for sure, but understanding how to operate it is made easier thanks to the tutorial that greets you upon boot up. The modular interface helps with this, in that it can be adapted to your needs and use cases.

Upon adding a set of images, you will be prompted to align them. The images need to be of the same subject, each taken from different perspectives. What RealiyCapture essentially does, is map out those perspectives, creating a three-dimensional model from the two-dimensional image you inputted.

After the alignment process completes, you will be able to manipulate the model as you see fit. The app is capable of showing it to you in multiple ways in the "Mesh Model" menu, where you can analyze its texture, among other things. A lot more convoluted tasks can be achieved with this program, which is why the skill ceiling is at the level it is.

There are lots of use cases for such an app: you can build a game of your own with its help, and the ability to turn 2D images three-dimensional is very versatile. Virtual reality games, too, can be made with the use of this app. "Puzzling Places" is an example, made possible by the engine and facilities provided by RealityCapture.

This is the kind of software where the possibilities to create are practically limitless. Artists can rest assured knowing that such programs exist: efficiency is key, and the pipeline of this app ensures that everything they require is within arm's reach, while not sacrificing any functionality in the process.