If you're the type of person that likes to get handy around the house and do all the fixing and installing yourself, you'll most likely come across situations where you may need to handle some electrical equipment as well.

Among the many elements that need to be taken into considerations, knowing the electrical resistance values of your resistors can be the difference between a functioning electrical system or an impending short circuit.

Resistor Plus is a neat and lightweight software tool created to ease the identification process of all the resistors present in your electrical system.

All professionally made resistors are color coded based on the various physical properties that they harbor. This internationally imposed standard is the basis to Resistor Plus' functionality, as it allows you to identify the type of resistor you are dealing with based on the color coding and markings that are on it.

It also deals with the codes written on SMD-type resistors in different standards and calculates the resultant value of two resistors connected in series or parallel.

There are separate pages dedicated for each of these operations, which may be selected by using the big buttons from the left side of the program window.

The first two pages are mouse operated, while the third and fourth pages may be controlled with either your mouse or your keyboard.

The first page allows the manual inputting of the resistor's color coding, the second page features a picture analyzer that lets you determine the resistor type based on a photo of it, and the SMD analyzer allows you to determine what kind it is based on the values you input via the keypad.

Because of its minimalist design, simplistic and straightforward UI and the utility it offers to amateurs and electricians alike, Resistor Plus deserves a special place in any handyman's digital library.

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