RipAnyBlu-ray has a lot of built-in tools for helping not only handle Blu-ray inputs but also manage to configure the desired parameters of your outputted videos, including metadata adjustment, brightness and contrast optimization, video shaking and noise reduction, resolution and format selection.

This application can support a bunch of file formats. When it comes to the input, as indicated by its name, RipAnyBlu-ray supports the addition of Blu-ray and ISO data, whether it comes from directly connected discs or linked directories.

The application's main working panel is simple and allows you to simply add files to it. Also, the tool allows you to add more files, merge them into one, rip all of them simultaneously, and easily select the desired output. Furthermore, if your computer's performance level allows it, you can also enable GPU acceleration for boosting the tool's performance.

Regarding the output, you can click the app's top bar dropdown and choose one of the many available options. As a general mention, some of the supported outputs are FLAC, WAV, AAC, ALAC, AC3, DivX/XviD, MP3, M4A, 4K, 8K, etc.

Moreover, configuring the videos' output based on device-oriented resolutions and other criteria is possible. You can either choose a certain format and adjust the resolution or opt for a device-specific resolution and encoding. The app lets you customize the data type encoding profiles and handle video and audio individually.

With this application, you also have some added benefits regarding video editing. The developer's wide range of integrated solutions allows you access to different other capabilities that support the modification of colors, the reduction of video shaking and noise, etc.

Also, in the 'Toolbox' tab, you can opt for the 'Media Metadata Editor' option for managing files' metadata, the 'Video Compressor' feature for changing a video's resolution, format, and size, as well as the 'GIF Maker' editor, for editing, trimming, color-correcting, or subtitle- and watermark- adding or managing your content.

In conclusion, this application offers a bunch of varied features, color correction options, as well as video, audio, and subtitle management solutions. Not only does it offer and support a lot of different file formats but it also grants access to customized profiles for compressing and converting video content a lot faster and easier.