Although the FAT (File Allocation Table) storage format inherently maintains two copies of the data table in case of damage, mishaps can occur and drives that are organized in this format can suffer from data corruption or data loss.

Designed specifically to deal with FAT and FAT32 format drives, RS FAT Recovery will offer users a dedicated solution for restoring lost or accidentally deleted files for such format drives. Be it that users need to restore the files from a memory card or USB Flash Drive, the data restoration will be possible for formatted, repartitioned, corrupted, or simply inaccessible data.

Users will be guided in the recovery process by a step-by-step wizard, which offers two components. One for performing an analysis and determining which the affected files are, and one for the actual recovery process. A series of selectable items will enable users to choose which file types are to be prioritized in the analysis process and which are the subject of recovery.

Before proceeding with the recovery process, users will be able to preview the files, thanks to the included visualizer that offers support for file types such as documents, images, compressed archives, email messages, audio content, and more.