SimpleSYN Business is designed to offer all companies a simple synchronization solution for Outlook, so as to allow teams to use the popular email client collectively. It can keep all the Outlook folders in sync across multiple Windows workstations, allowing different users to effortlessly share their data.

Upon launch you are welcomed by a wizard that can guide you through all the necessary steps for configuring the application's settings, from selecting the profile to sync to initiating the connection to the SimpleSYN server. Note that it is mandatory that SimpleSYN Business is installed on all the computers you want to sync.

SimpleSYN Business can synchronize data via the local network or over the Internet, relying on a server-client architecture to fulfill its tasks. In order to connect a client to the server, you must enter the automatically generated server ID and password.

Once configured, SimpleSYN Business runs in the system tray, enabling you to access it from the right-click menu. The application enables you to select the content to sync (appointments, tasks, calendar items, mails and so on), while the synchronization status and identified conflicts are displayed in a separate window.

SimpleSYN Business can be instructed to add new contact folders to the address book and automatically take care of conflicting items. Alternatively, you can opt for solving all problems yourself.

With its intuitive built-in wizard, SimpleSYN Business makes it easy for you to implement an Outlook synchronization system for all computers in a network. Data exchange is started automatically if an Outlook folder is modified, one direction or both ways, according to the user's preferences.