Many people have several files which they don't want to be seen by other persons such as wife, children, parents, colleague.

But that's not easy - to keep this on secured for long time, and somebody will find it and open it. From this time, your file will be in serious risky status.

Smart Folder is very useful to prevent such case. Smart Folder is a personal file security program.

In other words, you can make your own very important files, folders, drives to have hidden status in Windows explorer, so nobody can see or execute your files.

Of course, hidden files, folders and drives can be back to non-hidden whenever you want, in a safe and fast status.

The biggest advantage of Smart Folder is that it has its hidden function with the best stability.

Smart Folder has Microsoft Windows based user interface so, everybody can understand rapidly and easy to use. In actually, user who never seen Smart Folder before, can be expert user with one hour only.

Smart Folder make your files to free from Virus, Spy ware, Worms or any other illegal access because Secret Folder runs on Windows Kernel Level (Raw Level than Application Level), so illegal process as like Virus or Spyware which run on Application Level cannot access to files protected by Smart Folder.


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