Spherical Timesheet Project Management Edition is a useful utility that makes timesheet creation and administration easier than ever before!

Here are some key features of "Spherical Timesheet Time Tracking Software":

■ Automatic time tracking of PC-based work

■ Easy manual timesheet entry

■ Large number of views/reports

■ Billing and costing system

■ Project tracking features

■ Links to third-party applications

■ Central database for workgroups

■ Supports traveling and remote users

■ Suitable for one or more users

■ Priced for fast return on investment

What's New in This Release:

■ Submit Timesheets Via Email

■ Perfect for businesses with staff in distributed locations, Spherical Timesheet now makes it easy for those who work remotely to receive updated project structures and to submit timesheets via email.

■ Retrospective Stopwatch

■ To make it much easier to handle unallocated time, the stopwatch has been upgraded to automatically prompt you to enter in your activities when your computer has not been in use for a reasonable length of time (user configurable). When it is time to create your timesheet, you'll find very little unallocated time, and you'll end up with a much more accurate timesheet!

■ File Path Detection

■ Spherical Timesheet's new file system driver automatically detects the full path name of the files you are working on, making it easier for you to distinguish between files of the same name. This drastically improves Spherical Timesheet's ability to correctly log your work and assign it to the correct project. This feature is available for Windows 2000/XP operating systems only.

■ Workgroup Upgrades

■ Creating and connecting to a workgroup has become even easier! With automatic account creation, users will be asked fewer questions and setup has become much easier. This version is compatible with your existing workgroup, and does not require any special upgrade procedure. You do not need to upgrade all machines in your workgroup at the same time. This feature is available in Professional Edition only.

■ New QuickBooks Invoice Export Formats

■ Now it is even easier to choose the information that appears on your QuickBooks invoices. Simply select your prefered QuickBooks export view from the Views/Reports menu before performing an invoice export operation.

■ Extended Outlook Integration

■ In addition to ensuring the correct subject line is extracted from your emails, Spherical Timesheet Logger can now collect and display who the email you are reading is from, and who it is going to (must be manually enabled from the Configuration Editor, not compatible with Outlook XP/2003). It is now much easier to work out the correct project to assign your emails to.

■ Database Purge Function

■ Commonly requested by users, this new feature allows old timesheet data to be deleted from databases.

■ Other Minor Enhancements

■ A number of other minor enhancements are present in this release, including various minor bug-fixes which have been reported by users. Problems with exporting some views to XML files have now been fixed.