SQLite Maestro is a comprehensive tool that allows you to easily manage your databases and insert or delete data. You may easily create queries or visual diagrams, plus analyze the data and structure of the selected database. You can also open several instances at the same time and switch between them in the working space.

SQLite Maestro allows you to manage SQLite databases from displaying data to creating new tables, views, queries or user permissions. The program features an intuitive interface, which allows you to view and to access all the nodes in the database structure with one click. You can view the available objects in each of the selected nodes, as well as the specific functions available, based on the type of object.

SQLite Maestro enables you to analyze tables, queries, bookmarks, indexes, foreign keys, checks, triggers or references for each database you open. An SQL editor is included so that you can modify the desired fields.

SQLite Maestro features three view modes, namely object properties, data contained in the selected field and the SQL script. You can view BLOB fields if available and display HEX codes, text, images, HTML or PDFs contained within.

The program allows you to easily edit the properties of any field, as well as change the metadata of the selected object. Moreover, you can highlight certain tabs in a database and thus tell apart windows with the same caption but different parent database. You can also compile, validate and run external SQL or SQLite scripts.

SQLite Maestro is a user-friendly application that features a multitude of visual functions. For example, the visual query builder allows you to run an SQL query based on existing diagrams or the data in the tables. Its straightforward interface facilitates viewing the database’s structure and accessing various objects. The program supports several SQLite versions, ranging from 2.8 to 3.0.0 or newer.