Structure for JIRA has been designed as a powerful plugin that provides users with the possibility to organize all JIRA issues into a hierarchy. With the help of this tool, admins can expand the manner in which they take advantage of JIRA when it comes to Project and Requirements Management, as well as to Q&A and Help Desk.

Structure for JIRA allows users to create and maintain an overview of all projects that are active within the company. Moreover, it offers a shared view of how they progress and allows admins to create requirements lists and test plans, as well as to prioritize backlogs.

The tool includes support for deep issue hierarchy, allowing users to create as many sub-issues and sub-sub issues as they need. The program can deliver significant time savings, courtesy of integrated support for templates, and can keep things organized by collecting issues into meaningful structures.

With the help of Structure for JIRA, admins can track the time spent on projects, as well as the overall progress of each operation. Moreover, they can receive a view of existing hierarchical relationships in the form of sub-tasks and issue and Agile Epic-Story links.