SunMetronome  us an application which offers many options usually not available in real metronome devices. With metronome it is possible to:

Define any Tempo value

Set basic rhythm (for base 1 to 6)

Set Miscellaneous rhythm for up to 6 parts (2+3+2+2+2+3...)

Set Rhythm Pattern, defining first, accented, up and down beat, and pause, save and edit list of patterns

Select from more then 20 different metronome sounds

Adjust sound volume


With Tuner it is possible to:

Select and play a predefined pitch (for the guitar and other string instruments)

Play A4 (440Hz) tone

Generate tone of any frequency in range (G2 - C8)(e.g. 90 - 4200Hz).


Sound Recorder allows you to:

Record any length WAV file using microphone

Play recorded sound from selected point

Save recorded as WAV file

Adjust sound characteristics (rate, channels, resolution)


Purpose of the MIDI Piano is analyzing chords and scales, with many predefined examples, but also playing chords, scales and small music themes using keyboard or mouse.