No matter if you are using the computer at home or at the office, sometime people can get distracted by the many temptations on the Internet (such as social networks, entertainment websites or other types of webpages) - this can lead in decreased productivity, missed deadlines or sloppy school assignments.

If you want to make sure that your employees or your children can focus on their tasks while using the PC, you can rely on Surfblocker.

The application comes with an intuitive user interface so that even those with little PC experience can still quickly set up the blocked websites that will no longer be accessible to any use.

Furthermore, you can even prevent users from accessing Internet content altogether, according to a schedule you set up. You can even adjust this schedule depending on the currently logged in account, so you can be sure each of your youngsters or your personnel gets a fair treatment.

Additionally, Surfblocker can also help you block programs and services from running on the host computer, while also creating a whitelist with all the allowed IPs.

The application can also be used as a parental control utility, as it can efficiently block a wide range of web content that is not suitable for children, thus making the Internet a family-safe environment.

On the other hand, users who know the correct password for accessing the settings of Surfblocker can temporarily lift all restrictions - they can unblock Internet access until the next PC restart, for a specific period of time, until the PC goes idle or until the screensaver is launched.

All in all, Surfblocker can come in handy to all those looking to create a distraction-free environment on their computer so that either employees or children can focus on their tasks. A license will need to be purchased by those looking to use Surfblocker indefinitely.