SwifDoo PDF full-fledged PDF solution for people who look for an affordable and multi-functional instrument that can help them manage their PDFs.

SwifDoo PDF enables PDF management and integrates document annotation, allowing you to customize your files (edit them and/or add picture), make note documents for other users/colleagues, highlight certain areas of the PDF, insert comments, or add document stamps.

Also, on the left side of the screen, you can customize the lateral bar to display the document bookmarks (with text shortcuts for easy retrieval), file thumbnails, or annotation indicators.

The tool's conversion capabilities are also really important to mention; as such, you are given the option to select one or multiple PDFs and perform batch conversion to Word, Excel, PPT, image, or scanned copies. On the flip side, you can further load CAD files, MS Office documents, or images that can be converted into PDFs.

Plus, the 'Conversion History' feature comes in handy for situations when you want to isolate specific file conversion instances.

Furthermore, SwifDoo PDF is suitable for compressing larger files (at HD, standard, or normal quality) and lets you preview the file size of your output.

With SwifDoo PDF, you can password-protect your PDFs, create, save, and insert document signatures, and add watermark on your files. The watermark feature lets you write and customize the text, and plus, you can choose its placement, orientation, and opacity. Additionally, you can load your watermarks and preview each page of the PDF file with watermark addition before applying the modifications.

In conclusion, SwifDoo PDF is a smart program that lets you manipulate content in a variety of ways. Not only does work well and integrates a bunch of useful functionality, but it also does look modern, and, as the default PDF app on your device, it styles the icons of your PDF documents with a distinctive design. Last but not least, the program is mild on your system's resources and offers a pleasant user experience.