AOL Mail is a web-based email platform brought on by AoL. AOL Mail Backup was purposely designed to offer its users an extra level of security by creating backups of all contents, in case of data loss, account inactivity, server outages or more.

The app should take care of all content found in all directories so if a general backup is performed, besides the usual inbox and sent items folder backup, the trash segment will also be covered, as well as any other extra folders created by the user.

Regarding the supported formats, AOL Mail Backup seems flexible enough to cover the most important mail extensions out there. More exactly, you can store  AOL emails to your computer under these formats: MSG, EML, MBOX, and PST.

As mentioned above, the tool can create a general backup for all your items, but you can also select specific emails to process.  This can be done with the help of the two selection methods available – one manual, that lets you pick the directories by hand, and a data range method, which can extract a segment between From and To. For example, you can save emails from the 10th of the month up to 20th, ignoring the content for the rest of the days.

In conclusion, AOL Mail Backup is a simple tool that can come in handy for AOL users that need an extra safety level for their accounts.