TC2000 is a world-class trading application that is suited for all people who take trading and stock market analysis very seriously. The tool is designed for all kinds of users and offers such complex features that you won't need to cross-match data and statistics with any external sources/references.

TC2000 is first and foremost an excellent trading tool as it displays in a coherent and super-customizable manner all the charts and comparison models you need for understanding the market fluctuations, the trends/patterns, the correlation between existing financial entities, and/or how commodities and other assets fluctuate in relation with each other.

Of course, in order to fructify these amazing options, one must know what to expect and how to get it. The powerful tool becomes even more insightful when used by professionals who understand its features. However, even as a beginner, you might still benefit from its amazing options. For example, one can customize their market index watchlists using simple drag-and-drop rearrangements (for SP-500, Nasdaq 100, High Cap 1000, Gold & Silver, TSX, and more).

Additionally, all other selling and buying activities can be automated. However, if you don't feel comfortable getting started right away, before using real money, you can create unlimited paper accounts for testing ideas and strategies. TC2000 even allows setting custom notifications sent by email or via text, directly on your mobile phone.

The tool allows placing multi-leg orders, prioritizing actions based on chosen rules and well-correlated indicators, or placing multiple exit orders and define their execution manner. The charts are so well designed that all users can connect their visual understanding of the market trends and patterns with actual order placement, at any given price threshold, by using the manual axis drag-and-drop function.

Besides allowing to test strategies in advance, TC2000 also has built-in options for taking super-detailed notes, for all actions and transactions. This way, the user will be able to create a brain map of all their decisions and thinking processes. This option is incredibly useful for those who need to document each process and decision, mostly for later analysis or for sharing them with others.

To summarize, TC2000 is a fully self-sustained ecosystem and information hub. The tool works smoothly and offers such a vast complexity that learning it becomes quite a challenge. The good part is that once you master the platform usage, you master stock market understanding and selling/buying process automation.