Termius is an astonishing application that offers its users a beautiful, responsive GUI with a modern touch-and-feel, well-structured menu implementation with an intrinsic logic, and easy file transfer.

The latter is thanks to the split-screen graphical implementation that makes it easy to move files from a host to a server and vice versa.

Besides its SFTP functionality, at its core, this tool is an SSH client. This characteristic is the main need Termius manages to address successfully. Not only does it offer SSH host connections and advanced customizations for each remote connection, but this program is also good at grouping your data.

Every time you create a new host connection, you can assign that to a group, and, separately, for each parameter, have your previously-used data stored in classes, like Identities, Keys, Snippets, Labels, and Proxy. This class-implementation logic is paramount for anyone who wants to neatly organise and define the logic of each connection and its prerequisites.

As such, your environment variables are stored in one place, all your snippets are saved in their category, the port-forwarding rules arranged in their category, etc. You can search through your connection instances, arrange items in a list or a grid, and sort information by name and date.

On top of everything, Termius lets you customize your terminal's theme, shortcuts, keychains, host configurations, and so much more.