When delivering presentations, it is often necessary to display various documents or images on more than one monitor, and applications designed to clone your desktop are sometimes quite difficult to configure.

TL Dual Monitor is a handy program that makes this process a lot simpler. It can be set up in seconds, and it allows you to display the contents of your desktop, certain applications, images or text within a window that can be sent to a secondary monitor.

When launched, the application places two windows on your desktop. The first can be used to perform the necessary configurations, while the second can be sent to any monitor you wish to display the content on.

It is possible to capture and send your entire desktop or a specific area, certain application windows, pictures, documents or scrolling text. The program can transmit this content automatically, but you also have the option of controlling the operation yourself.

If you want to display an entire picture album on another monitor, you can use the application’s built-in slideshow creator to place them in the right order.

Additionally, TL Dual Monitor provides you with a simple text editor, and it allows you to customize the behavior of the scrolling text displayed at the top or bottom of the screen.

While the application is fairly intuitive, some first-time users may not fully understand how some of its functions work, which is why a user manually would have come in handy.

From a visual standpoint, the program would certainly benefit from a modernized interface, at it is noticeably out of date.

On the whole, TL Dual Monitor is a useful application that provides you with a simple way of duplicating the contents of your desktop and sending pictures, text and other content to a secondary monitor. Unfortunately, though, it lacks documentation, and it is drawn back by its outdated user interface.