The business environment is highly dynamic and small details can mean the difference between a being a market leader or one of the multiple companies that follow in its wake. Accurately managing the sales departments is one of the key features in today's highly competitive environment.

This situation has meant a steady increase in digital tools designed to help managers better handle the sales staff. TopSales Personal Network is one such program that attempts to provide users with a complete contacts management solution.

The application is, in essence, a comprehensive business contacts recorder. However, before one can start recording any data, users must provide a password, as the application records all the information to a database. The default password is 'USER', and this setup ensures data is well stored and accessible only to managers.

As with any agenda, the program features numerous fields that store essential sales data. One of the notable features of this application is the ability to import data from external documents in various formats, including TXTs, CSVs, but also Quickbooks-specific.

If opting for manually inserting information, users can add company profiles, complete with names, emails, sales contacts, and even documents (such as pictures or data sheets). Sales persons data can be customized to meet most needs, including by defining phone numbers and addresses. Mailing lists, bookmarks, and calendar events can be defined and, once satisfied with their database, users can export projects to CSV and Excel formats.

To sum up, TopSales Personal Network is a good tool for anyone who needs a simple, but effective business agenda.